Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Crochet Pattern/Tutorial: Sugar Skull Bunting/Pennant


I stitched this Crochet Sugar Skull Bunting up to hang add a little Dia De Los Muertos touch and color to the door of my laundry room. 

Because of time ( I started on Sunday night), I only made a pennant strand of five skulls. Next year I'll make sure to plan better and make a strand of 12 skulls because I really like the way these little guys came out.  And I would like to have had some bunting for the kitchen windows, as well. 

I think this would make a great crochet class, crochet circle project, or class project (with a crochet crafty mom). Each person/student could make 1 skull, decorate it, and add it to the pennant string. Then the project could be raffled off for charity, at the school fundraiser, or proudly displayed in class. 

The stitches used are a Single Crochet (SC), increase, decrease, and slip stitch. For the yarn , I went with Red Heart Super Saver because of its weight and sturdiness. For the decorative finishes and edges, I used leftover yarn I had in my yarn basket. I hope you enjoy this pattern. 

Crochet Sugar Skull Bunting 

Tools Needed:

Hook Size: G
White yarn, worsted wool, ( I used Red Heart Supper Saver)
Lots of colorful yarn leftovers from other projects


Sc: Single Crochet
Ch: Chain
Sc Decrease
Sc Increase

This is approximately how much yarn you will need for one skull ( measures 6 inches in height and 4 inches across)

Chain 5

Sc in second chain from hook (4 sc) . (That's my iPad on the table. I write my patterns as I stitch.) 

Ch 1, turn

2 Sc in first Sc, Sc in next 2 Sc, 2 Sc in last Sc (6 Sc)

Ch 1, turn
Sc across (6 Sc)

Ch 1, turn

2 Sc in first Sc, Sc in next 4 Sc, 2 Sc in last Sc (8 Sc)

Ch 1, turn

Sc across (8 Sc) 

Ch 1, turn
2 Sc in first Sc, sc in next 6 Cc, 2 Sc in last Sc (10 Sc) 

Ch 1, turn
Sc across (10 Sc) 
Happy Mini-Pumpkins keep me company as I write and stitch away. 
Ch 1 turn
Sc across (10 Sc)

Ch 1 turn
Decrease first two Sc, Sc in next 6 Sc , decrease last 2 Sc of row

Ch 1, turn
Decrease first two Sc, Sc in next 4 Sc, decrease last 2 Sc of row

Ch 1, turn
Sc across (4 Sc)

Ch 1, turn
Sc across (4 Sc) 

Ch 1
Sc across (4 Sc), fasten off

For edging, Sc all around skull w/ 2 sc in each corner

For the Eyes: Make two for each skull

With black yarn, chain 3

Join in a circle  

Sc 5 into circle. Fasten off.

Place on skull and using yarn string at back of eyeball, tie onto skull.

For nose and mouth, use black yarn and sew (blanket stitch) or use hook to stitch the nose and mouth.

Backside View

Backside View

I didn't mind that the mouth came our a bit messy. I think it makes him look more charming!

WIth a different color of yarn, weave around front edge of skull.

Now, for the really fun part! Decorate with colorful yarn to create flower, star, squiggles, etc. 

When finished decorating, to join skulls choose one color of yarn
Sc 30

Join to top of one skull and Sc across in back loops across top of skull

Chain 15

Join another skull to chain by Sc in back loops across top of skull

Continue to chain 15 and join skulls by SC to top of skull until all your skulls are joined

After joining last skull, chain 30 for the end tie. Fasten off

Select another color and join to one end of the band you just joined skulls with
Sc across. 

You can stop after this row, fasten off and you're done or you can Sc another band across.

They sure add a bright and fun touch to my laundry room! Do I dare say, can't wait to wash, iron, and fold some clothes. Now, that is a, "Yikes!" x-o

- Mona

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